Adult role play chat free

I unfortunately was banned for calling a friend who was under 18 by her name and got banned with her though i was 18.I am still upset about it and now looking for a better rp site.

It is a great site and I really wish I could return because I have learned my lesson from being banned from there and House Elysium which is a quiet site since the Chat there is inactive.The site is a smaller one but has a decent community of people that are accepting of newcomers. I find with House Eros that that the people are really fun and willing to work with you.Sometimes it can take a while to find a partner or get a response to a trend you post.House Eros is a rather pedestrian site, small and not very active compared to larger sites, limited in scope as most of the writing is heavily kink oriented and not very erotic.The site is elitist in their own mind without the quality that would make them elite.

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