Adult dating and photo swapping

At some point, I'd acquired the knowledge that Bumble was one of the least sketchy dating apps on the market.

So one day in January, I set up my first-ever dating profile and set it to "searching for women." I must have been low-key fantasizing about singledom for a while because I knew immediately what photos I'd choose in order to put my best foot forward into the dating world of Los Angeles.

This is even more evident when it comes to online dating via traditional profile browsing since your charms and personality can't come into play for you as they would during a live encounter.

You can do quite a few things to make your profile stand out aside from a good photo as well.

A 2016 story written by a woman for found that compared to a photo of her with zero makeup, the look preferred by 81% of men surveyed involved 12 products, including foundation, two shades of contour powder, and three shades of eye shadow (though the result, according to these men, was seemingly quite "natural").

Very little media attention, however, has been devoted to the relationship between makeup and what women find attractive in other women.

Though, the change in my image was palpable enough that I did notice one woman who I'd matched with the day before my experiment unmatched me as soon as I changed all my photos.

I put together a collection of sultry selfies and other pics I'd recently taken before nights out when my makeup look snatched and suggested a subtle come-hither attitude—glowy skin, smoky eyes, and glossy, plump lips, all accompanied by form-fitting ensembles and pouty expressions.

I knew the images were a little thirst-trappy, but hey, that was sort of the idea, right?

Travel is a great passion and a major part of my life, so it actually surprised me that I'd never thought to include more photos reflecting that in my Bumble profile before.

Initially, it did seem like the new profile was attracting fewer matches.

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