A guy feels pressure when dating

Plus, he’s chasing you so he must be trying to win you over… That is, until you suggest things like meeting your parents or you talk about your future together or even what you want from the relationship.He comes up with excuses for why he either doesn’t want to talk about it, or he just gives you excuses for why he doesn’t want *that* kind of relationship with you. There is a huge difference between a commitment phobe, and someone who just doesn’t want to commit.Here is where I’m going to show you a practically guaranteed method to get him to text you back quicker with two easy texts. If he responds back in a less flirty kind of weird boring way – this means one of two things: He doesn’t know how to flirt or text flirt (which is the less probably reason) OR he’s not attracted to you or interested in exploring the romantic side with you. The interpretation then becomes more of a personal thing to the person receiving it. The guy being sent the message interprets it based on how he feels about you or how he sees you – romantically, attracted, as a friend, a potential date, etc…DO NOT send another text until you hear back from him. Sure you can try again but it’s not advisable because there are many other opportunities with other men. Imagine if someone you’ve known for years as (just a friend) sends you it. Except every time she brought up their future or the possibility of marriage, he would clam up.

So what happens if you’re in a relationship with that guy, but he seems to be a “commitment phobe”?If you’ve shown him that you’re going to push for a commitment as a goal, he may worry what the rest of the relationship will be like.Men don’t like to look at specific points of the relationship as a goal, but consider the relationship itself to be a success.You feel like he listens to you and just “gets” you.Click here to take our quick (and shockingly accurate) “Do You Trust Him” Quiz right now and find out if you really trust him…

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