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Racist messages and comments about dental hygiene were also included.The ensuing chaos was captured in screenshots and reposted onto 4chan, the site that was the spawning pool for the Anonymous (Project Chanology) campaign against Scientology, as well as the birthplace of numerous internet memes.The Next Web reports that Paypal and Amazon accounts were affected by the same hack, a factor that strongly suggests victims' email accounts might have been compromised.Either way, once Facebook accounts were pwned the denizens of 4chan wasted no time posting unflattering or inflammatory remarks or images before waiting for victims' friends to pile in.Since 4chan is known to have a large number of offensive users and content, it came off as a surprise to many that the site could produce something so compassionate.

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Every so often, the player is given a selection of choices to further progress the story.

It is import to note that the game is more mature than it’s rated.

While it’s not pornographic and there is the option to turn off any sexual content, there still are a few sex scenes in the game. Overall, the game appeals to people who prefer slow paced games and like to keep to fairly linear paths.

Given consumer password security is usually poor, it's no surprise that many victims used the same login credentials on both sites, which is one possible route of attack.

Or it could be that email accounts associated with profiles at the Christian dating website were hit first, before Facebook account passwords were reset.

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